Take a little time to explore this section of our web site and learn a little about our custom frames. Pam and I started out just doing custom frames and paint. The custom wheelbuilding followed quite quickly as demand grew for wheelbuilders and finally the store. Since opening a traditional store the frame building has taken a back seat and our waiting list has grown quite a bit, but we are still framebuilders and designers at heart and, even though our own frames are not being built with the same regularity we still are designing and having input with other builders. Whenever we have a custom build customer that wants a bike out of titanium or carbon etc. We still do the design for the builder to follow. Pam has even had a hand in the design of a recumbent for another company that has become one of their best sellers.
Since our move to Jefferson City life has become very hectic. Consequently we have quite the wait time for frames. If you have a custom frame already ordered from us you already know the time scale. If you are thinking of ordering a custom frame or modifying an old one then be aware that patience needs to be high on your list of qualities... We now pick and choose the frame projects we are asked to do and Pam, although still very much involved with the paint side of things, will step down from most of the actual spraying. She has gathered a small group of talented people that will now take that over. Again, lack of time is the deciding factor.
Mark hard at work fillet brazing a front triangle. Hawaiian Shirt is key factor in producing top class fillets!!!
Chainstays being fitted with Stainless steel dropouts.
Tubes being laid out ready for selection. Tubing is chosen for its specific qualities to match the ride style and build, power output of rider.
A bare lug waiting for some finishing. This one is a Fleur di Lis
First tube and bottom bracket being installed in the frame jig.
A perfectly mitred seat tube top tube joint.
Chainstays ready for brazing.
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Every bicycle built today by the major manufacturers is for an average sized, and more of a problem, average proportioned person. The only choice when picking a frame is really the seat tube length, as the seat tube length increases so the top tube length increases by an average amount also. Road bikes tend to have a few more sizes in their ranges but even here you still have to accept longer top tubes in a set size matched to the seat tube length. This would be no problem if we all came in standard sizes, unfortunately this is far from true.

You could stand twenty people, all 5 feet 8 inches tall, in a row and measure their arm, torso, and leg length and get a different set of measurements for each person.

The problem is even worse for woman, as most of these standard measurements are really only standard male measurements.

Anytime you sit on a non-custom bike your body is having to make compromises. A bike built to your individual body dimensions will make you feel more comfortable and therefore more relaxed and able to get the best performance from your muscles. Obviously no two people are alike, and that is why no two bikes that we have built, or designed, have been alike.

Other factors that go into designing and building your ultimate cycling machine are, your weight, your riding style, how you like the bike to handle, surfaces and terrain that you mainly ride on, will you be racing on any level or touring, etc. etc.

As much information that you can give will help produce the bike of your dreams that will fit you like a glove, be it a full blown Downhill mountain bike or stead for the next Tour de France.
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