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With so many bikes to choose from it can get a little confusing, so the first thing to do is, decide your riding style. There is no one model of bicycle anywhere that will do it all but, if you are looking to get out and ride on the Greenway or the trail and comfort is the key requirement then; you need to be looking at the Comfort and Hybrid categories.
The Comfort and Hybrid bicycles should sit you tall in the saddle, straight back with a slightly bent elbow. There are also different styles of Comfort and hybrids that are called flat foot or ease geometry bikes. These will also sit you tall and relaxed but will angle the seat tube back severely. This puts the pedals much further forward allowing for proper leg extension with the benefit of being able to put your feet flat on the ground when at a standstill. For those that hate to be on tippy toe and feel a little unstable on a bike these are great. However they do have drawbacks, it can be a little difficult to stand on the pedals for a quick burst of power up a hill.
Many people ask what the main difference is between a Comfort and a Hybrid. The main difference is the size of the wheels. A comfort will have 26 inch x 1.95 tires where the hybrids will have 700 x 40 (approx 27inch) tires. The Hybrid will roll easier with less resistance but the Comfort will disperse weight better, so if you are riding the trail after a rain your wheels will not sink in as much as a narrower wheel.
A new breed on the market is the "Performance Hybrid". It has features that make it easy travel on the road and light trail but the geometry of these bikes are a little more forward making it a great commuter or trail bike for those wanting a slightly sportier feel. Flat bar handlebars, trigger shifting 700 x 38 wheels and a higher gearing all add to the experience.
To see a full range of these styles please visit the raleigh website. Comforts and and Hybrids start at around $320.
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